The Stories of Famous Chinese Tea

Junshan Silver Tea   Yellow Tea Hunan Province

Junshan mountain in Dongting Lake, Hunan Province, produces Silver Needle tea. Legend has It that the first seed of the tea was sown by the Daughters of Yao. Silver Needle was originally named White Crane Tea. According to the saga of the early Tang Dynasty, a Taoist named White Crane was returned from overseas celestial mountain carrying eight tea seedlings given by the gods and planted it on Junshan mountain. Later, he built the  White Crane Temple and dug a well. He took the water to brew tea,  a white smoke raised from  the cup and turned to a White Crane flying to the sky. Then the tea was named “White Crane Tea

The autumn moon dissolves in soft light of the lake,

Unruffled surface like unpolished mirror bright.

Afar, the isle amid water clear without a break

Looks like a spiral shell in a plate silver-white.

Translated By Xu from Classical Chinese Poetry

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