The Martial Art

Martial art is the essence of Chinese culture. It is a manifestation of the unique style and characteristics of the nation. It is deeply influenced by ancient Chinese philosophy, medicine, aesthetics etc. And it contains a special understanding of battle. It has both a robust physical constitution and an elegant and profound connotation. Instead of only having the strength and dexterity of the fists, it stores wisdom and the understanding of the ancestors about life and the universe, explains the ancient philosophical thoughts through perfect movements and seeks the harmonious state of life.

The practice begins by cultivating Qi and seeks in achieving balance and conservation of tranquility.

To exercise the movements of fists and feet of external forms while tranquility and balance are maintained internally. During the long process of development, the practice of the Martial Art and the circulation of the Qi are merged step by step, reaching the goal of “the Qi is guided by thought and energy is accelerated by the Qi. ”

The levels of the martial art can be measured jointly from the following four aspects: strength, skill, dexterity and psychology. They must be organic integrated as whole to show the comprehensive level of martial arts. The master can achieve the following traits: attacking under the guidance of the thought,combination of strength and flexibility,the most skillful seems clumsy,brave in combat and without anger.

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