The harmony between man and nature is the highest aesthetic standard of Chinese traditional music. It interacts with Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism. To fully understand the charm of Chinese traditional music, one must have a certain understanding of the connotation of the culture of Chinese traditional music.

Confucius believes that music is a tool for cultivating moral, inheriting human values, measuring policy pros and cons, and coordinating social and moral order. Rites and music are harmonious and complement each other.

Taoism promotes music as a way of expressing true self and true nature, paying attention to the experience of emotions and experience to the nature, and pursuing the harmonious integration between man and nature.

Zen emphasizes the role of the heart in the creation of music, based on the communication between oneself and the object, that is, the communication between the mind and the subject, aiming the state of the emptiness.

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